University Senate Members Past and Present

This table shows all persons who have served on the University Senate or one of its Committees. It includes both Senators and Non-Senators. To see the complete service history of an individual, please click the individual's name.

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Name Position Department College Office Phone Email Senator Pin?
Dana Wood Lecturer Psychology College of Arts & Sciences 478.445.4574
Howard Woodard Professor Information Techology and Marketing J. Whitney Bunting College of Business 478.445.4182 Yes, 04/25/2008
Keith Woodruff SGA President 2002-2003, Student
John Wright SGA Nominee SAC 2004-2005, Student
Mehenna Yakhou Professor of Accounting Accounting J. Whitney Bunting College of Business 478.445.2580
Jiaqin Yang Professor Management J. Whitney Bunting College of Business 478.445.2570 Yes, 10/05/2018
Jenq-Foung Yao Professor of Computer Science Information Systems & Computer Science J. Whitney Bunting College of Business 478.445.5483 Yes, 11/06/2005
Jen Yearwood Assistant Director for Talent Management Human Resources 478.445.5067
Cameron Yeo Student, SGA Representative 2016-2017 770.881.0230
Dale Young Interim Associate Provost Provost's Office Academic Affairs 478.445.6848